Maritime and flying communications

To get to the island of La Gomera and to Vallehermoso, you will have to fly to Tenerife to some of one of the two international airports and then connect by plane or ship with our island. The main airline and shipping companies that operate from Tenerife are the following:

“Guaguas” service (Buses)

With Line 2, Vallehermoso connects directly with Agulo, Hermigua and San Sebastián of La Gomera, there are at least five daily connections. Besides, it also connects with the neighborhoods of Alojera (Line 5), Chipude and El Cercado (Line 4). To get to know exactly the lines and the timetables you may consult the web of the buses company in La Gomera: Contact: +34 922 141 101

Also in the area of Vallehermoso and in all the entire island there are bus services and private microbus which are usually hired for the transport of groups that go hiking or on a excursion along some areas of the Municipality. The most usual ones are:

Taxis Service

Vallehermoso has a taxis rank in the centre of the village and different professionals that own a taxi in the most important neighborhoods of the municipality: Cercado and Chipude , Alojera, La Dama, etc.. The telephone of t he taxis rank in Vallehermoso is number: 922 108 159

Car tours

It is a usual way to know La Gomera. It starts when disembarking your own car or renting one out of the 800 rental cars that the agencies in San Sebastian, Valle Gran Rey, Playa de Santiago or Hermigua have. Though for different reasons the public transport is the most advisable option, however the movements with your own car or a rental one let you get to the most isolated places and enjoy the greatest facilities that nature offers in Vallehermoso.

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Traditional Agriculture

Agriculture gets to Vallehermoso with the first European colonizers. It starts with the export crops in the fifteenth century and since then it has spread along our Municipality with a wide range of productions as varied as the micro weathers or the natural surroundings. It is utilization from the sea to the summit, where every […]

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