Shops and other services

The centre of Vallehermoso and the Municipality in general have some several shops where you could buy basic goods such as clothes, shoes, medicines, tools and even guided touristic activities.

Nowadays there are a total of 7 supermarkets in the Municipality, 5 of them in the centre of Vallehermoso, two chemist’s, two petrol stations, two hardware stores, three clothes shops as well as a post office, a local clinic, local policemen and “Guardia Civil” among other services that will let you get all the necessary things for your stay or summer break without moving to further places.

The following is a summary of the main shops and services in Vallehermoso.

Name Category Locate
SPAR Hipermercado Vallehermoso
UNYDE Supermercado Vallehermoso
SUMA Hipermercado Vallehermoso
VIVERES GUMERSINDA Supermercado Vallehermoso
SUPERMERCADO PLAZA Supermercado Alojera
LDO. ALBERTO CASTILLA Farmacia Vallehermoso
CASA YAYO Ropa, Textil, Bazar Vallehermoso
EL ZOCO Ropa, Textil Vallehermoso
MODAS MARIBEL Ropa, Textil, Bazar Vallehermoso
YMAGUARA TURISMO SOSTENIBLE Ocio, Actividades Vallehermoso
GASPAR Ferretería, materiales Vallehermoso
ESTACIÓN DISA Gasolinera, estación de servicio Vallehermoso
ESTACIÓN DISA Gasolinera, estación de servicio Chipude
CORDERO Productos tradicionales, agroalimentarios. Vallehermoso
DELICIAS DEL NORTE Dulcería tradicional Vallehermoso
RICAR Dulcería tradicional Vallehermoso
EL MASAPÉ Dulcería tradicional, miel de palma Alojera
RUFINA Alfarería (cerámica) tradicional El Cercado
MARÍA Alfarería (cerámica) tradicional El Cercado
MARÍA DEL MAR Alfarería (cerámica) tradicional El Cercado
PELUQUERÍA LUZMA Peluquería/Manicura Vallehermoso
ELADIO Taller mecánico Vallehermoso
ELIAS Taller mecánico Chipude
BODEGA INSULAR Vinos, Bodega Vallehermoso

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