Restaurants, Bars and Cafés

Vallehermoso has a great gastronomic tradition. Its cooking, simple and tasty, can be tasted at their restaurants and “casas de comida” (food houses). Delicious fish such as “la vieja” and the albacore, goat’s meat stew, the “almogrote” (a very tasty mixture elaborated with cured cheese) the watercress soup and the “escaldones” (a mixture of “gofio” with fish or meat soup) are very good examples of its gastronomy. All these are accompanied by good wines and “mojos” (sauces elaborate with oil, garlic, pepper, coriander and salt.

It is also remarkable our delicious bakery. You can taste desserts such as the “frangollo”, “leche asada”, “quesillo” or mousse elaborated with our rich tropical fruits, all of them with our genuine “miel de palma” in our bars and restaurants.

The following are the bars and the restaurants in the Municipality:

Name Address Phone
Restaurante Central Plaza de la Constitución, Vallehermoso casco. 922800023
Restaurante Agana C/ Guillermo Ascanio, 5, Vallehermoso casco. 922800843
Restaurante El Carraca C/ Pablo Glez. Vera, S/N, Vallehermoso casco. 922801021
Restaurante Los Mocanes Carretera general GM1. Tamargada. 646945111
Hamburguesería Iballa C/ Mayor 2, Vallehermoso casco. 922800131
Restaurante Kiosko Bar Garajonay Calle Triana 610878736
Bar Sociedad la Unión Avda. Guillermo Ascanio. Vallehermoso casco.  
Bar Cafetería Parque Marítimo Playa de Vallehermoso.  
Restaurante Los Chorros de Epina Carretera Gral. a Valle Gran Rey 922800030
Restaurante Perdomo Barrio de El Mono. Alojera 922800011
Bar y Supermercado Plaza Plaza de Alojera 922800334
Bar Mesa Alojera. San Borondón.  
Restaurante El Prisma Playa de Alojera 922800703
Restaurante Laguna Grande Zona Recreativa La Laguna Grande 922800703
Restaurante María El Cercado 922804167
Restaurante Victoria El Cercado 922804146
Restaurante Navarro Plaza de Chipude 922804132
Restaurante Sonia Plaza de Chipude 922804158
Bar Los Camioneros Carretera Chipude-La Dama 922804153
Bar Roque Iguala La Dama. Carretera General. 616208765
Bar Chiringuito La Rajita Playa de La Rajita 651007450
Dulcería Lucía Cosas de Verdad Plaza de la Constitución Vallehermoso. 922800081
Churrería Dulcería La Explanada La Explanada 606415847
Panadería El Horno de La Abuela Calle Mayor, 5 (Casco) 608732482

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