Several kinds and categories of accommodation can be found in Vallehermoso. The cottages (rural accommodation), the touristic homes and the apartments are rented as a whole unit not as individual rooms. They are usually for two or five people though there are some rural houses for nine. If you want to rent a room, hotels and guesthouses are the best option.

The cottages, touristic houses and rural hotels ‘owners work together in order to promote and sell their accommodation businesses in the Municipality. Nowadays their information and bookings office is located in the department of the Bodega Insular at Pedro García Cabrera Street in Vallehermoso. Telephone: 922144101. Web page:

The cottages (rural accommodation)

Name Address Website Location
ARGUAMUL 922800142 – 646735269 Email:
Toprural – Airbn
CASA BARRANCO 922800787 – 606337676 Email:
Los Chapines
CASA LOS LOROS 922800787 – 606337676 Email:
Los Loros
EL CABEZO 922801298 El Cabezo
EL PALMAR 616430392 Tripadvisor El Palmar
CASA LILI A Y B 618381510 Tripadvisor Vallehermoso
LAS PALMERAS 616647721 – 646329293 Email: Tamargada
RISCO PADRÓN 922800787 – 606337676 Email:
Los Chapines
CASA GUAIDIL 696627707   El Lomo
ABUELO RAMÓN 609037449 Email:
Los Loros
EPINA 630277095 Email: Epina
CASAS MEDINAS 609706333 Pie de La Cuesta (Tamargada)
CASA CUBABA 922800509 Email:
El Palmar
BANDA DE LAS ROSAS 922800787 – 606337676 Email:
Banda de Las Rosas
LOS MANANTIALES 922731404 – 922784350 Email:

Hotels and Apartments

Nombre Teléfono Contacto/Web Ubicación
HOTEL RURAL TAMAHUCHE 922801176 Vallehermoso
HOTEL RURAL TRIANA 922966940 / 683582566 Vallehermoso
HOTEL AÑATERVE 922800330 Arguamul
APARTAHOTEL TRIANA II 922801677 Vallehermoso
PENSIÓN CASA BERNARDO 922800849 Vallehermoso
PENSIÓN AMAYA 922800073 Web Vallehermoso
PENSIÓN SONIA 922804158 Chipude
APARTAMENTOS PLAYA ALOJERA 922800217 Facebook Alojera

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Los Loros

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