The “Parque Rural” ( Rural Park) in Valle Gran Rey

This is the only Rural Park in la Gomera. The 30% of the surface is part of Vallehermoso, running between the basin of the “Barranco de Argaga” and the mouth of the “Barranco de Iguala”. It occupies the mountains that are located in the middle of both.

It is featured by its mountainous and steep landscape where natural and man-made elements coexist. It runs from the coast until 1000 meters high. Here we find great plant- diversity. There are communities of “sabinas” and abundant “retamas” at the highest areas and at the lowest ones the “cardonal-tabaibal” is the most prevailing one together with other desert and salt-loving plants. An endemic flora of a great botanic value lives in the cliffs which are many in the Park. There are endangered species like “como” (CHeirolophus satarataënsis and Limonium dendroides) and groups of bird population.

The most amazing examples of the historical adaptation of its inhabitant to the environment are located at the top of the “Barranco de Valle Gran Rey” where the natural elements are part of the houses, paths and farming terracing. It is one of the best examples of the entire island.

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La Miel de Palma

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