Roque Cano Natural Monument

Roque Cano is the most important natural monument in Vallehermoso. It is a huge phonolitic rock of more than 200 metres high with almost vertical slopes. It can be considered as an important biogenetic sanctuary because it is home to excellent samples of stone flora which are threatened with extinction such as magarza gomera (Argyranthemum callichrysum), faro gomero (Gonospermum gomerae), ruda gomera (Ruta microcarpa)and one more dozen of species.

In the protected area, including the Roque and until 600 meters around it, we can find species such as sabina and acebuches, and vine cultivation terraces.

Roque Cano is the natural emblem of Vallehermoso. It even appears in the centre of the coat of arms of this municipality being a symbol of identity for its inhabitants.

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