Natural Monument Roque Blanco

This Natural Monument is actually an extension of Garojanay National Park in its north side. It is a huge greyish phonolitic dome almost covered with monteverde (evergreen plants). It is home to important colonies of stone plants, many of them are endemic, and the best colony of Canarian strawberry tree (Arbutus canariensis) of the island.

The natural area stretches down to the edge of the dome being home to fayal-brezal formations, cultivation terraces and a restaurant.

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Landscape protected area of Orone

This natural area is made up of two of the largest ravines from the island, “El Barranco de Erque” y “El Barranco de la Negra”. They go from the summit of the mountain to the southern coast. Due to its large dimensions we can find in it elements of great natural, landscape and cultural value. […]

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