Natural Monument La Fortaleza

One of the most important landscape landmarks from La Gomera is located in the village of Chipude, La Fortaleza, a volcanic dome that has resulted from the erosion that left the hardest materials from an old volcano exposed.

It stands as a plateau, with different and abrupt edges, especially towards El Barranco de Erque, where we can find an average altitude difference of 400 meters. The highest point is 1.242 meters over the sea level.

The ecosystem is rich in species of a great botanical value that grow among the rocks, as for example, the “centaura” or the “siempreviva” among other that are native to the region. Species that turn into “Bonsáis” are also found here, for instance, the “acebuches” and the “brezos”.

Culturally speaking, La Fortaleza is of a great importance because of the archaeological sites that are located at the top and that have related to old religious practices (altars for sacrifice and huts). It was a sacred place for the old inhabitants from La Gomera.

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