Landscape protected area of Orone

This natural area is made up of two of the largest ravines from the island, “El Barranco de Erque” y “El Barranco de la Negra”. They go from the summit of the mountain to the southern coast. Due to its large dimensions we can find in it elements of great natural, landscape and cultural value.

The vegetation is rich in desert and heat-loving species, for example “balos” and “tabaibas” found at the lowest areas or “jarales” and “codesares” at the highest ones. Besides, there are also, “sabinar”, palm trees and “cardonal”.

At the top of these ravines and thanks to the clouds cascades, there are “Montverde” forests.

More than half of the 1788 hectares that are part of this area are located in Vallehermoso. It is a good example of the ecosystems from the southern slope and about 2.2 kilometers of rocky coast where groups of marine birds are frequently found.

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In this section you will know about the first rate services for your stay or visit to the Municipality of Vallehermoso. The centre of the Municipality, the Village of Vallehermoso, has had for decades the main services in the northeastern area. It shelters a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, public transports, bank offices, petrol station […]

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