Natural Monument Lomo del Carretón

This Natural Monument is made up of an inside cliff that stands in the Northwest area of the island, at the top of the valleys of Alojera and Taguluche. At heights between 450 and 850, this area is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island because it is formed by horizontal basalt lava flows of a great geological interest and a vegetal ground cover of a great botanic value due to the great amount of endemic species.

This escarpment is the natural frontier that separates the windward of the wet trade winds and its sea of clouds from the warm and windy downwind of the area of “Alojera”. Due to the changes in the weather conditions, the fogs or clouds from the north overgrow the escarpment and it allows the development of two important phenomena for this Natural Monument, the development of the “Monteverde” in the highest area and the abundance of springs, as it is one of the areas of the island with the greatest amount of groundwater.

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