From Cristobal Colón’s period or even from the pre Hispanic times, no one can deny that the Island of La Gomera has been characterized for an unquestionable feature, its amazing nature.

Vallehermoso is from the north to the south a unique open-air museum of the landscapes from the Canary Islands. Magnificent examples of nearly all the different kinds of ecosystems present in the archipelago are in its territory. It shelters large areas of little population and well- preserved ones. It also has a wide range of different areas, those ones from the coast, middle or summit zones together with wet, oceanic, windy, sunny and arid places or coastal areas of a great beauty. All of them are especially interesting as regards the peculiarity of their species as well as their diversity.

In this section in our web you will know exactly the most representative natural spaces in our Municipality.

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How to get to Vallehermoso

Travelling to La Gomera To get to the island of La Gomera and to Vallehermoso from anywhere in Europe or any other place in the world, our first destination should be one of the two international airports in Tenerife, Tenerife Norte (Los Rodeos) in the north, or Tenerife Sur (Aeropuerto Reina Sofía) in the south. […]

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