Vallehermoso is a great destination for the practice of this activity thanks to the great number of trails it has, the route they draw and their shape. There is a wide network of roads that connect any area of the Municipality with another one. There is a great amount of circular routes that start and go back to the same village or neighborhood but that even let you choose different variations, multiple areas to leave and go into the network from roads and levels of difficulty for any user.

It is the most powerful playful activity in our Municipality. At present, there are a total of 195 km of trails suitable and they can be walking along our network for about 65 hours (3 km an hour) without repeating any trail. Paths that nowadays are less traveled, about 60 km more, can be added to this network.

They are the best way to know our island and Vallehermoso, the routes are a heritage themselves, plenty of history and traditions that get us closer to most of the heritage elements of our Municipality.

In the north area, in the basin of Vallehermoso, the Ingenio and Tamargada we find a concentric network of trails whose core is the “Plaza de la Constitución” in the historical centre. From there about 23 tours begin towards the mountains that surround the valley and from these ones to connect in its slopes with some of the trails than descend again. At present this northern basin has a total of 87 km of suitable paths.

The west side has the same layout in the network with four starting and finishing points, Epina, Alojera, Tazo and Arguamul. It has s nearly 35 km of trails suitable. This one permits an infinite number of combinations to go along its palm groves, coasts, ravines and summit areas.

The highest area, Chipude, El Cercado and Igualero show tours that take us into the jewel of the island, The Garajonay. 74 km of trails are available in this area; we can connect with the rest of Vallehermoso but also with any Municipality, town or village in the island. Here, the paths can take us to the “alto de Garajonay” ,”La Laguna Grande” or “La Fortaleza de Chipude” or even to go on a large descend along the south side of Vallehermoso to the coast of La Dama to enjoy a bath in the beach of La Rajita or in Iguala.

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