Vallehermoso and La Gomera are ideal lands for the bicycle, our roads, forest tracks and some trails are facilities that offer a professional level for the training and sport practice of some of the modalities of cycling. This is thanks to the different levels in height, the setting of the roads as well as their length.

As regards the Mountain bike, the most usual type in the last years is the “Enduro” that combines the descent along trails and paths including a route on foot in some parts of it.

Certain local cycling teams describe some stretches of Vallehermoso as appropriate and of a great professional level. This is a growing activity of sport leisure in the island.

At the same time, Vallehermoso has some forest tracks that are suitable for just a route or the descent such as the track from Epina to Chijeré, La Mesta, Piedra Hincada or Gerián-El Verodal among others.

There are some companies in the island which are located in Valle Gran Rey, Hermigua and Vallehermoso (Ymaguara) that offer the tourist activities and routes by bicycle along some of our landscapes together with a transport service until their starting position.

Regarding the basic cycling, that modality which is practiced on the road, the island of La Gomera is a unique jewel, a territory that offers very well preserved roads, with different levels in height and diverse difficulty levels where there are plenty of high level climbs.
Not surprisingly, in the last years, the island has been a place visited by professional teams from the entire province. Besides, there is a cycling club that often organizes sport events

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Most of the artisans of the island are in Vallehermoso. For decades, it has been the key referent of the most traditional craft. It is a first order attraction because of the range of specialties and its ethnological and cultural value. To start with craftsmanship, we have to highlight that most products or utensils were […]

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