Tamargada. Pie de La Cuesta

Tamargada is an old neighborhood located 3 kilometers from the center of Vallehermoso. It has three villages. Los Mazapeces, Simancas and El Pie de La Cuesta. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island. The villages were built according to tradition, surrounded by palm trees and farming terraces. Besides, there is a great amount of farmyards, winepresses, stone and mud ovens and trails.

It has been inhabited since the seventeenth century. Tradition tells that the inhabitants from Tamargada are descendants of the crew from an European boat that ran aground and as a consequence, the survivors stayed there. That is why there would be blonde or red-haired inhabitants.

The chapel of the Virgin “La Caridad y el Cobre” is located in” El Pie de la Cuesta”. This chapel was built after the migration of many neighbors from the villages of Tamargada to Cuba at the beginning of the twentieth century. Those who decided to come back to the island built a chapel in honor of the Patron Saint of Cuba.

This area was related to the processing of wines which are of a great quality thanks to the weather conditions and the farmland.

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