Simancas is located to the northeast of the Municipality. It is a little village scattered among crops. The village is situated at the bottom of the ravine under large palm groves and slopes that are still divided by hundreds of walls that remain from the old crops.

It is the oldest settlement in Vallehermoso, with houses that were traditionally built and still well-preserved. They look towards the north coast. The environmental excellence of this area is due to the warm and wet weather conditions.

The architecture of the houses is noteworthy because of the strong walls made of stone and mud taken from the area, tiles and red stone corners that have been brought from local quarries.

There are some wine cellars in the village as well as trails that lead to different countries in the island. One of the most important and beautiful landscapes from the Canary Islands is Simancas, due to a special vegetation and historic landscape.

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Other leisure activities

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