Los Mazapeces

This is the central village in the area of Tamargada, on the northeast of Vallehermoso. It consists of a traditional group of houses at the bottom of the ravine that go up the slope towards the zone of El Cabezo. All the area is populated by a dense Palm- Grove of more than 300 specimens that together with the extraordinary traditional architecture and the crop terraces are part of a very valued landscape for the inhabitants of La Gomera. That is the reason why this landscape has been published in different promotional guides of the island.

Many of the houses, some of them are found in ruins, were built with stone and mud. Most of them had wood- fired ovens and two gabled roofing made up with local tiles.

Mazapeces was very popular for the crops of cereals and legumes, such as lentils, pea-plants, chickpea, wheat, barley or corn. Nowadays, we can find areas for self-consumption of potatoes, vine, corn and varied fruit and vegetables.

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The whistle language

The inhabitants from La Gomera preserve a really unique prehispanic custom, “el silbo gomero” (Gomera whistle language). It is a curious way of communication at a distance, an articulated whistled language that permits to exchange an unlimited range of messages when reproducing the sonic characteristics of a spoken language by means of whistles. It is […]

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