It is located in the highest area of “Barranco del Ingenio”, at the bottom of “Garajonay”. Long ago there were luxuriant forests of “Laurisilva Canaria” which were used in the sixteenth century for the sugar plantations.

Nowadays, in this special environment, we can find a unique group of terraces and palm trees together with well preserved houses.

The fruits and vegetables production such as vines, potatoes and yam are found in this neighborhood, all of them distributed in several and beautiful terraces as well as houses for rural tourism. The centenary chapel of Virgin del Carmen is located here. The celebrations in her honor take place the 23rd of July. Every five years, the 16th of July, the Virgin is taken to the centre of the municipality, for the “Fiestas Lustrales of Vallehermoso”, the most important celebrations in the village.

The main trails started from Los Loros. These paths communicated the “Barranco del Ingenio” with the highest areas in the island. From this zone you can go through ways that take us to some of the most symbolic areas in the National Park of Garajonay.

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Biosphere Reserve of La Gomera

The Biosphere Reserves are terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems or a combination of both, internationally recognized as such in the frame of the Man and Biosphere Programme of the UNESCO. (M&b) Every Biosphere Reserve needs to have three basic functions which are complementary, the conservation, development and logistics (support to projects for investigation). The Biosphere Reserves […]

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