Los Apartaderos, Pavón and La Dehesa

These neighborhoods are included in the region called Chipude but as they are out of the centre of the district they are usually described as three different neighborhoods. All of them are located in the area of the Natural Monument of La Fortaleza, at about 1075 meters over sea level, in the highest part of the middle of the south slope. We find them in that order in the road that starts in Chipude towards la Dama, near the National Park and in the upper boundary of the Protected Landscape of Orone.

Los Apartaderos is a village of about 45 constructions located in a slope that faces the ravine of Jagüe. Some houses preserve the traditional rural characteristic. Next to the way of access we find a little petrol station, the only one in the highest area of the island.

Pavón is the nearest neighborhood to La Fortaleza, here starts the trail to go up to La Fortaleza and two more that go towards Igualero and Erquito. There are about 30 houses and 15 out of them show a traditional aesthetic with stone walls and Arabic tile, accompanied by some crop lands of vegetables and fruits. The summer pears and apples are really delicious.

La Dehesa is located in the southwestern slope of La Fortaleza. It is a historical place for goat’s breeders. Today it is not very populated and there are only a few constructions of a landscaping value though some fruit, vegetables and potatoes crops are preserved. There is also an artificial grass football pitch.

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Natural Monument La Fortaleza

One of the most important landscape landmarks from La Gomera is located in the village of Chipude, La Fortaleza, a volcanic dome that has resulted from the erosion that left the hardest materials from an old volcano exposed. It stands as a plateau, with different and abrupt edges, especially towards El Barranco de Erque, where […]

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