La Dama and La Rajita

This is a village located in the south western end of the Municipality of Vallehermoso and it is the furthest neighborhood from the centre of the town.

La Dama is situated on a wide hill between the ravines of Erque and Iguala. It is an outstanding area due to its more than 300 sunny days a year, a soft and warm weather that has favored the development of important crops such as banana trees and tropical fruits (avocado trees and mangos) for nearly 80 years.

The urban houses are scattered among the farms. The place has a special charm due to its nearness to the sea. In its coast we find the beach of La Rajita, a first rate historical area in the south of the island since the biggest factory of canned fish from La Gomera was placed here.

Tuna and the spawns in olive oil were considered a delicatessen. Nowadays there are still some constructions. The beach is generally suitable for the bath. Besides, there is a little dock with some stairs to get out of the water as well as a little bar or “chiringuito” (the name given in the island to those kinds of little bars).

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This neighborhood shelters a dense palm grove and an ethnographic and landscape site used for agricultural purposes. Many houses still preserve the traditional stone and mud style. It is remarkable the richness of its farmlands, mainly the ones located in the ravine. It has one of the most important palm groves from the north and […]

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