It is the highest village in the entire island of La Gomera. It is 1320 meters over sea level and just at the bottom of the Alto de Garajonay, on the south side.

This settlement is part of the Protected landscape of Orone and it is composed of scattered constructions, some of them were built in the traditional rustic way. It has been historically related to the grazing in the summits, that is why the smoky cheese from Igualero was always a gastronomic reference in the island. This is due to its taste of natural grass and the smoky aromas of species like “la jara” (the rockrose) (cistus monpeliensis). For that reason, the stone paths that are still busy and some pens are well preserved.

Igualero has a chapel and a viewpoint. Saint Francisco is the Patron Saint of the village and the celebrations to worship him take place in the square of the church the 4th October.

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Tamargada. Pie de La Cuesta

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