Garabato is one of the settlements located in one of the tributaries of the eastern edge in the basin of Vallehermoso. The Natural Monument Roque Blanco and Teón, a group of country houses, are located on its head. This unique settlement is situated about 400 meters above sea level and is known by its incomparable scenic landscape due to the traditional aesthetics of their homes and the maintenance of a particular distribution of agricultural landscape.

At present, only five of its homes are usually inhabited. To get to this settlement we have to leave Vallehermoso towards the neighborhood of Amador and Morera going along a small newly paved path. When we are situated in the middle of the ravine we find a village called El Andén. It is located on the right margin of El Garabato Ravine and surrounded by a native pine forest being the only one remaining on the island that is of a natural origin, seated on a rocky substrate settled by Pinus Canariensis. To get to the village of El Andén and to the pine forest we have to go along a road that takes to El Garabato Dam, by crossing a little bridge at the channel of the ravine. Before reaching the dam we can also see the beginning of the path that takes us to El Teón, Roque Blanco y Cruz de Tierno. There are two gabled roofings houses traditionally made of stone and mud which are well preserved as well as typical wood-burning ovens. Althoug El Garabato Ravine is close to the historic quarter of Vallehermoso, it is an isolated space preserved from the impact of urban development. That is the reason why there are only traditional houses, many examples of heat-loving plants, “monteverde” as well as the unique pine forest mentioned above.

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