Next to the National Park of Garajonay, Epina is a village that has been traditionally related to fruit and vegetables crops. It consists of tens of houses; many of them are made of stone and mud wit Arabic tiles and two gabled roofing which are more than 200 years old but well preserved. Although the village is virtually uninhabited, more than 100 neighbors lived there 40 years ago.

Nowadays, there are some crop lands with potatoes, grapes and corn. All the area is surrounded by “sabinares”, palm groves and Monteverde. It is also a crossing of different trails that go towards the north basin or Alojera and Tazo.

Epina is just in the northeastern border of the National Park of Garajonay and the Natural Monument of the Lomo del Carretón. Some meters above the village we find the famous “Chorros de Epina”, legendary sources of water that have played a very important role in the culture of the island. We also find here the Chapel of Saint Isidro. Their celebrations take place here on May 15th.

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