Cubaba is located on the northeast of La Gomera, very close to the Village of Alojera, in a very plain slope that gets from the mountains to the sea. This settlement represents one of the most picturesque and beautiful landscapes in the entire Gomera. It is a very arid and eroded area where we find a part of the greatest palm grove from the island and maybe from the Canaries. This settlement is located inside the neighborhood of Tazo, a wide elevation between two ravines and constituted by 15 houses.

Here we find very clear examples of traditional architecture. Houses were made of stone and mud, two gabled roofing, local tiles (made in a historical oven for tiles in the area). It is a rural settlement, registered in the catalogue for the protection of buildings, which assures relatively the survival of this architecture. We have to take into account that this part of the island was probably the first to be colonized by the Crown of Castile in the fifteenth century.

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Traditional Agriculture

Agriculture gets to Vallehermoso with the first European colonizers. It starts with the export crops in the fifteenth century and since then it has spread along our Municipality with a wide range of productions as varied as the micro weathers or the natural surroundings. It is utilization from the sea to the summit, where every […]

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