El Cabezo, La Soquilla and Los Chapines

Thanks to the proper situation of these rural accommodations in the middle of the Barranco of Vallehermoso, there is an easy and fast accessibility to roads and the net of trails that let you get to any part of the island on foot.

In these nearby neighborhoods, next to the dam of La Encantadora, we find some traditional rural houses and large palm groves at the bottom of the ravine, together with an important number of small plots of different crops, vegetables and fruit trees. It is usual to see some of the local part time job farmers working in this area. This is surrounded by the different and unique beautiful mountains covered by “sabinas”, “acebuches”, palm trees or “tabaibas” at th same time we can also see the rests of the old crops on the mountain slope.

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Los Mazapeces

This is the central village in the area of Tamargada, on the northeast of Vallehermoso. It consists of a traditional group of houses at the bottom of the ravine that go up the slope towards the zone of El Cabezo. All the area is populated by a dense Palm- Grove of more than 300 specimens […]

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