It is one of the most isolated and distant villages in La Gomera. Partly, it is especially interesting because it is in a “wild” area and has developed specific characteristics for the landscape and traditional use.

It is the northernmost population in la Gomera, open to the sea from the north and hidden behind the Summits of Chijeré and the Montaña Bejira. Its inhabitants have traditionally work in agriculture, livestock and fishery though nowadays there are only rests of the huge activity that took place in days gone.

The village consists of three very different neighborhoods that seem to be hooked with palm trees to the leaning slopes that go down towards the sea. Most of the houses are rustic ones traditionally built.

It is remarkable the presence of ethnographic elements such as wine cellars, wineries, threshing floors, terraces and domestic ovens. No doubt, Arguamul is the best place to isolate oneself in the farthest depths of La Gomera. Besides, it has a little coastal neighborhood called Guillama, from there you can go down to the beautiful beach of El Remo, see the Roques, Arguamul and the impressive figure of the Natural Monument of Los Órganos.

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