From the Dam of La Encantadora we can get along a paved road to a little village spread in the highest areas of the basin of Vallehermoso.

It has some little houses that are part of a rural settlement that foreing people residents like besides, they have rebuilt some of the old houses. In the year 2013 it had about 46 inhabitants
from different nationalities that have found here a peaceful place in a beautiful surrounding.

These residents, who love nature, have respected the maintenance of the rural aesthetic in the environment. This area is completely suitable for the growth of potatoes, vegetables and yams. This last one mentioned is very valued for the local cooking. It is grown by neighbors that keep several crop lands in the entire village.

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The “Parque Rural” ( Rural Park) in Valle Gran Rey

This is the only Rural Park in la Gomera. The 30% of the surface is part of Vallehermoso, running between the basin of the “Barranco de Argaga” and the mouth of the “Barranco de Iguala”. It occupies the mountains that are located in the middle of both. It is featured by its mountainous and steep […]

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