Alojera is located on the northeast of the municipality and is one of the most important group of populations in the municipality because of its history and inhabitants. It is located in a very plain slope that goes down towards the Natural Monument of the Lomo del Carretón until the sea. We refer to a slope oriented to the west and characterized by an important arid area where the existence of great palm groves is remarkable. These ones are scattered among diverse buildings in several neighborhoods of different architecture.

Next to the houses we find different ethnographic and well preserved elements: crop terraces, threshing grounds, wine cellars, paths, wineries, wells, tanks, shelters for shepherds, lime and tiles ovens, etc…

At the same time, there is a little village on the coast of Alojera, a little beach next to a neighborhood which has also been considered for spending periods of holiday and has been visited by neighbors from the municipality as well as tourists. The beach is suitable for bathing a great part of the year and the weather is usually hot and sunny. Close to the beach there is also a little dock and a natural pool for children that are also suitable for bathing.

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Biosphere Reserve of La Gomera

The Biosphere Reserves are terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems or a combination of both, internationally recognized as such in the frame of the Man and Biosphere Programme of the UNESCO. (M&b) Every Biosphere Reserve needs to have three basic functions which are complementary, the conservation, development and logistics (support to projects for investigation). The Biosphere Reserves […]

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