Vallehermoso – Municipality

If you know Vallehermoso, its geographical distribution and its nature, you are also learning about History, culture and nature from the Canary Islands. These facts made possible important social facts that were responsible for an interesting and attractive landmark. So, due to its extension, natural richness, history, culture and tradition, we refer to a municipality that has a lot of things to offer the visitor. It is a holiday destination with a wide range of natural settings and activities that share both the quality and a fine representation of the landscapes from La Gomera. It is an island filled with contrasts, where the superb nature improves a touristic destiny for relaxing, to practice healthy activities and also very rich in heritage.

Talking about its geography, we refer to the highest municipality in extension, 109, 3 km2 running north to south of La Gomera. Vallehermoso comprises several villages and neighborhoods. Some of those little groups of houses were born throughout its history and we find them scattered among ravines and many areas in the highest zones at the centre of the island.

Thanks to this unique spatial distribution, exclusive in the Canary Islands, we refer to the greatest and varied landmark in the island. It has a great amount of the forests from the National Park of Garajonay, large palm groves in the west between Alojera and Arguamul, deep and long ravines in the south until la Dama and Argaga, and of course the basin of Vallehermoso which is the biggest dam in the island as well as a unique natural museum of the traditional landmark, rich in biodiversity and history.

At the same time, this municipality has 27 km of coast where you can see a great amount of amazing cliffs, some of them more than 500 meters high. These ones shelter little and beautiful beaches set in stunning natural surroundings which are rarely frequented by the inhabitants.

The Village of Vallehermoso and its basin were very important for centuries because they shelter a great amount of heritage and were the economic driving force of the island. Due to its own way to grow crops or exploit the resources, local craft, gastronomy, the traditional music or “el silbo gomero”, traditional architecture and even their inhabitants’ character and custom , this unique landmark is more than a place to stay. This area is also a place to live and enjoy a wide range of attractions and services as well as the beginning of dozens of trails that start and return to a place that is never completely known.

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As regards the fauna, the island has diverse endemic species which set a high value to the terrestrial and marine biodiversity. There are amphibians, reptiles, insects, a great amount of birds, fish of cold and warm waters, crustaceans, mollusks, cephalopods and a great amount of marine mammals in the island. It is one of the […]

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